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Eyelash Curl Refill Glue 4ml

Trade Only Brand: RefectoCilRefectoCil

Refectocil Eyelash Curl Glue 4ml 


Refectocil Eyelash CURL Glue designed for use with the RefectoCil lash curl kit and curl rollers. This glue acts as a support for bringing unruly lashes onto the curl rollers (which are self adhesive).

After applying the rollers onto the eyelid, start to fix the lashes evenly and straight onto the self-adhesive roller with the help of the tool and a twisting upward motion.
If some lashes are unruly or come loose again, apply another small amount of the glue to those lashes, wait 15 seconds and try again.

The ingredients from the Lash Curl glue are: Rubber Latex, Aqua, Titanium Dioxide, Polyurethane, Butyltriglycol, Potassium Hydroxide

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