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Showpony Professional Tape and Shrinkie Remover 150ml

AUD25.95 each Brand: Showpony ProfessionalShowpony Professional

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Showpony Professional Tape and Shrinkie Remover 150ml

Showpony Remover is used to remove Shrinkies, Skin Weft and Tape Hair Extensions.

  • Tape Removal: To remove simply spray onto the centre of the Tape and leave for 30 secs. Insert your tail comb into the centre of the tape and gently separate. Peel from the centre, not the sides. If any resistance if felt, respray and peel until tape is removed.
  • Shrinkie Removal: Spray onto the centre of the Shrinkie and leave for 30 secs, then loosen with pliers and remove. Shrinkies can also be removed by re-applying heat and loosening with pliers.

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